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What You Need to Consider When Forming a Company.

Before you decide to form a company, you must have agreed that you want to form one, and understand its benefits. There is a different requirement for the formation of other forms of business, and the partnership is the other form of business. Since the business can change its form at any time, every form needs to have its different framework on how it works. The owners of a company have a legal identity from the business and this is one of the advantages of forming it; in case of loses, they will be not held liable for the compensations.

It is important that you fulfill certain elements so that you firm a company. Therefore, the following should be ensured that are in place to make a company. A the company cannot be in existence without a name. A company must also have a share and a shareholder, at least one each. You should have an office for the company, an address, and at least a director so that you can form a new company.

The first thing you will need to have is the name of the company. There is a website provided that you will be able to search if your preferred company name has been used before. In this website, you will learn every detail of the common, including the directors, shareholders and even the name of the company. The man of a company should note the same as the other companies that had already been created. When you realize your company’s name is original, you will then proceed for registration, together with the registration fee. However, when you find the name has been used before, it will be upon you to look for another company’s name, when you realize that company name has been used.

The registration proceeds after you have found a company name. The process of registration can be then performed by one or two representatives that you will have chosen from the company. Therefore, when applying for the registration form, you should as well bring along the following documents. You will need to take along a written consent as well as the certificate that shows that the directors agree to be the managing the company, and they are not, in any case, acting. Along with these, you will ensure that you have the consent form shareholders as well. Also, you will need to have a notice from the companies’ office, showing that the name is reserved. For a company to registered, you will as well bring along a constitution.

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