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Guidelines on How to Handling Work Sexual Harrassment

Typically, women happen to be the individuals who come along sexual harassment at work at a higher rate. Since you are dependent on your position for survival; it is hard to deal with this situation because of the fear of losing the job. Nonetheless, women are lucky because today, there are laws that protect individuals who say such incidents. Following are some helpful guidelines on how to deal with sexual harassment at work.

To deal with the sexual harassment at your workplace, recording the event is the first essential tip you need to consider. It is highly recommendable to keep a record of the incident of sexual harassment in the place or work. Make sure you write down every detail of the incident when recording. When writing the ultimate details that happened at the incident, What was done, who was there and what was said should ensure they are included in the record as well. The persons who were at the scene of incident are your witnesses, and you should collect their signatures. Moreover, make sure you put a date on the record and then keep it safe such that no one can get it.

To cub sexual violence in the offices it is essential to have sufficient evidence. In most cases the perpetrator may decide to refute your allegations and so you need to have watertight evidence against him.Make sure you have enough evidence before taking it to the management. If you had received improper pictures emails or texts messages for example. You need to print them and file them together with your report of the incident.

You need to report to the HR or the supervisor. You are free to take your claim to the administration after you have your proof together as well as the records. It is essential to a request for an in-person meeting with the administration in writing. In the meeting you are expected to table all the evidence of what transpired. Get duplicates so that you can put in your file too.

It is advisable that you take the case to the top management. Need may arise to go to the last office if your claim were not appropriately attended by the supervisor or the HR. Write yet another formal letter indicating that you were not served adequately by the office of the HR or the supervisor. Give them all your evidence and records.

There might arise a need to seek help from an advocate. Look for a lawyer if the company does nothing about your case. You are highly recommended to click at different sites for different authors to read and discover more tips for dealing with sexual harassment.

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